4th-10th April 2016

Monday – Usual 3/5/7k ‘Home Run’ around Bute Park.

Wednesday – After being led what seemed to be halfway across Cardiff by Jon to avoid the setup for the RHS Flower Show we started 5 reps of 1km. These were tackled with the usual combination enthusiasm and grumbling by all three pace groups.

These are considered our ‘speed sessions’, but it is important to remember that this is relative! It makes no difference what your speed actually is, as long as you’re using the session to try to push yourself. Many new runners find varying their speed a bit tricky to begin with after being used to sticking to ‘their’ pace that got them going in the first place. This is why we split into 3 groups, so no one is left behind and everyone can feel more comfortable. With a rest between each fast rep, many people are surprised at what they can do!

Saturday – We were on the road again, this time to join Porthcawl parkrun for their 3rd birthday. When we arrived the waves were crashing over the sea wall, the hail was stinging and the wind was ice-cold. It proved too much for some of our runners who opted to go straight to the cafe instead!


For those who decided to actually run, after some initial wave dodging, the weather calmed down 10 minutes in and it turned out to be a fine day for a run. It was another first finish for Adrien following his first place at the Paris parkrun last week which he kept quiet!

Congratulations also to Paul, Kristina and Stewart who ran PBs despite the weather and undulating course. Ryan also ran a great PB at Cardiff.

C25KOur Couch to 5k-ers Ruth, Liz and Maryam have now really left their couches behind and ran a full 5k at Grangemoor! We’re so proud of them for completing the whole programme and can’t wait to start the whole thing over again with a new group in a few weeks time.


12963590_240324319653042_784063311531553754_nSunday – Many of the marathon trainers opted to head to the east of Cardiff to attempt a bit of variety away from their usual routes, and mostly just got a bit lost and confused. Nonetheless it was still another 30km run and brings the Madrid runners into their final week before tapering.

Jon and Mik opted for the Vale of Glamorgan Duathlon. They ran, cycled and ran the course with our run leader Jon ending up in 7th place!

However, the heroes of the day were Gareth and Lee who ran the Manchester Marathon! Well done both, it’s a massive achievement. Haven’t heard the inevitable words “never again” yet, but I’m sure they’ll come soon followed by plans for another marathon…