Club activities: 11th-18 April 2016

Normally we’d post the weekly activities in chronological order, but this week we’re going to start with Saturday morning and a very proud moment. Several of us had thrown around the idea of starting up a Couch to 5k group in Cardiff since the end of 2015 and an ideal opportunity presented itself to team up with the lovely folk at Pegasus Running Club and run a programme together.

As it was our first attempt at running a group, we kept the advertising low-key and two brave souls, Liz and Ruth joined us at our first session at the end of January, and were later joined by Maryam and Steve (who was using it as tool to get running again after a long-term injury). It’s been a privilege to watch our runners go from the very first session which alternated 60 seconds of running with 90 seconds of walking, to running their very first 5k at Grangemoor parkrun (who have been incredibly supportive of everyone while we’ve run the programme there).

Congratulations to our very first set of graduates – we’re so proud of what you’ve acheived and encouraged to hear you’ve decided to enter running events late in the year. Our next group will start on May 14 and you can check our Facebook page for more information.


The week saw us enjoying more of the lovely spring weather in Bute Park for our regular sessions; Monday had a large group tackling 3k, 5k and 7k (with Emily mostly tackling mini-rolls) and Wednesday’s training sessions had our runners hammering out 7-8 sets of 500 meter reps. It’s great to see everyone pushing themselves on the Wednesday night and the hard work paid off with some terrific performances at the weekend.

As well as our C25K stars, Adrien finished first at Grangemoor parkrun and we had five finishers in the top 20 including a number of personal bests, including Dan who dropped under 20 minutes and Adam under 25 minutes for the first time.

Sunday saw Mik, David and Carl take part in the lavishly named Tour de Gwent whilst Stewart and Dan took on the Kymin Dash in Monmouthshire. As usual, an intrepid group of runners took on a variety of distances on the Sunday long run, ranging from 10k to 21.5 miles.

Big week coming up with a number of club runners taking part in both the London and Madrid marathons, and several more in Madrid to do the half-marathon and we’re looking forward to hearing how everyone gets on.