28th March – 3rd April

Monday – No official club run today because of the Bank Holiday. Didn’t stop a few groups meeting up to try to shake out those aches and pains from a massive race on Saturday.

Wednesday – Back in the park! After 6 long months running up and down Lloyd George Avenue, we were delighted that with the clocks going back or forward or whatever it is, we’ve started our summer training in Bute Park.

The first session was a classic pyramid consisting of 200m and 400m at 1 mile pace followed by 600m, 800m and 1km at 5k pace, and then back down again.

Pacing always seems iffy on these sessions and whatever pace Jon sets kind of ends up being as hard as possible, followed by slow in the middle and ended with a final sprint! There was loads of encouragement from the whole group as usual and everyone was in great spirits as we ran back to the shop at the end of the session. Can’t wait for more sunny evenings in the park, with ever more creative and twisted workouts devised by our Nike coaches.

Saturday – parkrun day and Ruth completed her second parkrun at Grangemoor with a PB and it was great to see Dhana (despite what we’d say to her face!) back at Pontypridd after a long injury. Other highlights were Kayleigh running under 25 minutes for the first time at Cardiff, and Lee back on form with his fastest time of 2016.

parkrun Tourist of the week was Jeremy making the pilgrimage to Bushy Park  to run with 1,034 other runners and ran a respectable 22:30 after a hard half marathon.

On a slightly different note was Stewart and Tom competing in the Miniburn Adventure Race. They faced a 3k run, 1k kayak, 10k mountain bike and MUD! They managed to get around covered from head to toe but in the fastest time and earned CDF Runners their first piece of silverware!

Screenshot 2016-04-03 16.15.18

Obligatory GoPro video link.

There’s another, longer event in October in Cardiff Bay and we’d love to see more of you there! http://www.burnseries.co.uk/

Sunday – Sunday long run day saw a range from 15k up to 37k as more of our marathoners continued their gruelling training for the big day in Madrid and/or Liverpool.

2016-04-03 10.13.58

ran the Reading Half, and had a tricky time with the hilly course and tired legs after the World Champs. He did well to finish in 2:24 and is looking forward to recovering and having another crack at breaking two hours.

Ella went further afield than everyone else to tackle the Paris Marathon and although she enjoyed the experience, had a really tough race finished in 5:55:18 in quite a bit of discomfort! No one said a marathon would be easy!

We’re really proud of both of our racers for gritting their teeth and getting to the end!

The next big event is the Madrid Marathon, and lots of runners are starting their taper, but that doesn’t mean we’re a bunch of hardcores who don’t accept brand new runners! We’d love to see new runners at any level join us.

Ask most of the folks doing marathon training if they’d believed you a year ago if you’d said they would be running 26 miles! Check out our training schedule and come and get involved 🙂