Workout of the Month, June 2016

Bethan’s put together another workout for us to try and this one’s got a bit of a competitive edge to it. Here’s the challenge for this month: –

Workout 1: time limit of 15 minutes.

20 squats
20 lunges (alternating legs, 10 on each)
Run 200m
Repeat 4 times in total


Workout 2: time limit of 12 minutes

15 squats
10 lunges (alternating legs, 5 on each)
Run 100m
Repeat 4 times in total

These will really help benchmark your current fitness levels – if you do one at the beginning of June and then again at the end of the month you’ll have a barometer of how you’ve progressed. We’d really love to see your times for these challenges – either post them in the comments section of this article, or put them onto the facebook group by the end of June and we’ll see who’s the champion!

While the emphasis is on time, it’s vital to get your form for the exercises right to get the full benefit from them. Bethan’s taken the time to demonstrate the correct technique in the videos below.


Both squats and lunges help with the some of the basic skills you need while you’re running – agility, balance and co-ordination. Squats will build your leg strength and doing them with correct form will help stabilise your hips, which when applied to your running form means less energy leaking sideways. Lunges also help with leg strength and keeping your trunk strong while moving from one leg to the other.

As these workouts are designed to be done at maximum effort, please make sure you take the time to warm yourself up first to avoid injury.

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