Shona’s Tri-Training Blog – 15th May

Sunday 15th May

It’s 6 days to race day!! I’m nervous / excited / mostly nervous!! It’s a crazy feeling! Last nights dream was that my bike bag didn’t turn up! I can cope with that one! It happened to me in March so surely I won’t be that unlucky to have it happen twice in a row….I better give the nice people at Birmingham airport a good talking too, just to be sure though!!

13224981_10209843237581331_71218195_oSo this morning I did my first ever Time Trial event on my bike. I drove up to Rhigos rugby club and arrived to a sight of very lithe bodies, clad in skin suits all looking very professional and then there was me!! There were so many beautiful bikes to look at and people warming up on turbo trainers in the car park…I pull Channing out of my car – pleased that he fits in with all the fellow TT bikes! And then I proceed to warm up by sitting in the sunshine!! I am clearly very new to this!! OPI is here as it’s her event and she made me sign up… so I better “go hard or go home”

I take a gentle ride down to the start and wait for my very precise start time of 9:39…I then get a push start! A slight element of panic sets in as I am convinced I will just fall off but miraculously I am the equivalent of a bike pro (or at least in my mind, I am) and I head out onto the course. All I need to do is ride 25 miles as fast as I can! And the sun is shining! This is great!! Channing does me proud and we do a great first attempt in 1:06… I’m pleased with that!

13242201_10209843237821337_1555208273_oI then head home to pack up Channing and the rest of my kit into my bike bag, grab a quick shower and hit the road! I shall be spending the night at my mother’s ready for my flight from Birmingham in the morning! The drive is pleasant in the sun and I snack on the contents I removed from my fridge on the way – mango, raspberries and blueberries! Still sticking to the pre-race diet, I am good!! The M6 is kind to me and I make it to Shropshire in a little over 2 hours! Now I can relax! Well, I could, if I stopped panicking about the fact I am sure I have forgotten something! I am not sure what…but I’m positive there will be something! I guess that can be a surprise for when I arrive!

Time to catch up with the family for the evening whilst I am here!

Until tomorrow, when the next edition will come from Lanzarote!!!

Fingers crossed my bike gets on the same plane as me this time!!!