Shona’s Tri-Training Blog – 17th May

4 days to race day!

So after last night’s dinner, we ventured to the supermarket for supplies. Lisa and Mark are happily playing in the beer isle whilst I am trying to source practical items like energy bars and porridge oats! But alas, the trusty spar has no porridge oats!! I start going into melt down!! What will I eat for breakfast now? Why would then not have porridge oats? It’s a standard breakfast!! We decide to try another supermarket and if they also don’t have porridge oats, then I am allowed to panic! One lots of supplies dropped back to the apartment and out we venture again on a porridge oats mission! Luckily the little supermarket up the road has a large stock of them so purchase made and panic over! I am all good for my breakfast now! With that we head back, have a little sit on the balcony and soon head off to bed, tired from our long day of travelling!


13241426_10209861121468417_78903270_oI am up early, and eat my breakfast sat on the balcony… this is lush! I then set to work and get Channing all re-built! He looks all lovely and I am excited to get back out on him to ride in the sun! But instead, I pull on my wetsuit and head down across road and onto the beach to get a nice morning swim in.

There are so many lithe wetsuit-clad triathlete bodies on the beach… I am still not sure that I fit in with them! But undeterred, I head out into the sparkling blue sea and swim a lap of the Ironman (IM) course. This is a great way to start the day! I head back to the apartment for a shower and Lisa and Mark head off to explore the little tat shops!

Showered and shorts on, I make my way down to meet Ian, the final support crew member to arrive. His bus soon pulls up and we walk back to the apartment for him to get unpacked! Luckily for me, he is eager to get out and explore so we go for a walk up through town and check out the IM preparations along the way. I even make my first purchase of IM goodies with an IM t-shirt…I am sure the expo tomorrow will involve many more purchases!

Soon enough, my tummy monster means we have to head back to grab some lunch! Clever me for picking up a Spanish omelette in the supermarket last night so I make quick work of heating it up and adding some salad with it! My tummy monster calmed and my training done for the day (I still can’t get used to the taper after all these months of training upon training), I put my bikini on and go and laze by the pool for a couple of hours! This is the life!! The pool was freezing – I got challenged to jump in… am I an Ironman or a mouse?? That made me jump straight in!


After showers and me doing a lot of pestering, I finally get everyone out for dinner! My tummy monster was rather angry with my support crew by this point! I had to change the conversation to food several times before they took the hint! We eventually settle on Mexican…yum! I can’t wait! Turns out i have to wait…the all have red wine to my agua con gas and then they order starters!!!! Some of us – i.e. ME, are still on a race weight diet. I sit there glaring as my “supportive friends” tell me how delicious their starters are and munch away! I am not happy and neither is my tummy monster!! Not that I was simmering with resentment and nor did i give them any dagger looks of death!! Much!! Finally my chicken and prawn fajita’s arrive and Iam all happy! I go silent and focus on the task at hand – making my tummy monster happy again! By the time we are all done, I am nicely fed and watered…everyone else is fit to bursting and groaning with their full tummies! Win for me!! There are perks to the race weight diet. Ian had a slightly smashing time and managed to break a glass whilst trying to use glasses and bottles to write IM on the table!


We then head back to the apartment and pick up some water on the way back! 2 x 5 litre bottles! I play the taper card so that means I can’t carry one! *mini fist pump moment! This card is going to be played all week to get me out of anything and everything!! I also joyfully skip up all the stairs to the apartment…I may slightly regret that post race on Saturday and on Sunday when the stairs will seem like my worst enemy and I want assistance to climb them! I am sure I can get enough alcohol down them all so they forget and help me out!! Once back, they all have Belingo’s and coke. After the amount of food consumed, a toilet traffic light system is created for the night, in case of need! “Red = speedy boarding”, whereas “White = alright”….its probably wiser not to ask!! I know with all the training, I now lack pride in terms of things like this but they all seem only too willing to come down to my level on these things! That’s true support crew dedication for you!! I shall leave the with their Belingo’s and cokes and head to bed! I want to get out for an early run before tomorrow’s adventure to the expo to collect my race number!!13235018_10209861130788650_1349062667_o