Shona’s Tri-Training Blog – 18th May

3 days to race day *gulp!!

13241458_10209868041321409_1123542685_oI am up bright as a button at 7am… I go and sit on the balcony to eat my breakfast and enjoy some p&q. The support crew are all still sleeping. I head out for a nice 5km run at 8.15am whilst everyone carries on sleeping. A nice run along the IM course… running back down and past the finish was a bit of a moment! I held myself together…just!

I head back to see the hungover crew coming to life! They are being such a great support crew, drinking my share of the drinks between them too! They finally got to bed at 2am! Paracetamol and water all round, I even offer them some of my salt tabs to try to spur them into life! Not that I am excited and want to get out to the expo or anything!!!

13230953_10209868044041477_20671562_oI finally settle on a compromise, we can have some time around the pool and then get the bus up to the expo this afternoon…that seems to work! Mark heads out to do some HIIT training to “sweat the alcohol out” and Ian heads out to do a walk / run as part of his rehab. I head down to the pool to lie in the sun and relax! The clouds come over for a while but we tough it out.

Some tasty sandwiches made for lunch and then we do a quick change and head up to the bus stop! My excitement level increases to that of a child at a birthday party full of sugar (and I’ve only had a berocca!!). I am excited to collect my race pack! I must add here that my support crew have been very good at keeping me hydrated today…every time I move or turn, I am having a bottle of water thrust into my hand and being ordered to drink (it’s all good except I now need to pee every 10 minutes!!) I take back the looks of death from last nights meal!

13242124_10209868037801321_844324965_oSoon we are on the bus and heading up to La Santa! Athlete 401 is checked in, race pack collected and ready to race! I then get let loose in the expo! I make several purchases – a hoodie, a jacket, a vest, a cap, and a water bottle…I am good and draw the line at buying a new bike though! So good, that I feel I also deserve a towel! Yay me!!

13271890_10209868038881348_65223723_oWe then have a bit of time to have a look around La Santa! It’s an amazing place! I think I just want to live there! Training heaven! My tummy monster has also woke up…collecting my race number is hungry work! So I have a Spanish omelette and some grilled vegetables (grown on site!!) and glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Ian is pleased with his choice of drink – Krystal nonetheless!!

Then we catch the bus back to Puerto Del Carmen. I sit on the balcony and relax in the evening sun as the support crew get showered and dressed to head out and watch the football. It’s an evening of peace and quiet with a film on the laptop for me!