Wednesday 9th March 2016

Our first Wednesday session as CDF Runners. These sessions are all about speed, strengthening and technique.

Tonight, with the Cardiff World Half Marathon Championships only a few weeks off, the reps were lengthened to 1,200m. Options to run 4 or 5 reps were offered with 4 minute rest, along with the C25K crew doing their own thing.

As with most sessions of this nature, we were instructed to start at just quicker than 5k pace and then build up with the final rep being theĀ fastest.

2016-03-09 19.39.36

There was a big effort from everyone and we had a great turnout, though I get the feeling we can’t wait for BST and our summer sessions in Bute Park rather than Lloyd George Avenue.

2016-03-09 19.41.02
L to R: Jon (Coach) Debbie (C25K coach), Ruth, Maryam, Steve, Mike (C25K Coach)

An extra shoutout to the C25K runners Ruth and Maryam who ran for 20 minutes for the first time and were both all smiles by the end of the evening.