Semi-Regular Circuits #1

Bethan, pacer for CDF Runner and qualified personal trainer will be providing us with short, easy-to-do-at-home exercise programmes that are designed to complement and enhance your weekly running. We’ve included short videos of each exercise, but if you got any further questions just ask! If you have feedback on this block of exercises, or if you’ve got any questions or requests for future circuits please pop a comment below. 

1 minute backward lunge to overhead reach (alternating)
1 minute clamshells
1 minute single leg balance reach
1 minute reverse clamshells
50 secs alternating mountain climbers
1 minute forearm side plank


1 min standing elevated hamstring stretch
1 min rear foot elevated hip flexor stretch

Andr here are the demonstrations – firstly, the backward lunge to overhead reach. Remember to alternate the leg!


Next, the clamshells: –


Then the single-leg balance reach: –


The reverse clamshell: –


Mountain climbers: –


The forearm side plank – remember to switch to the other side on the second run through of the exercises: –


And when you’ve completed the two rotations of the exercises, move to the stretches.



And that’s it! Hope you enjoy, and please let us know how you get on.