CDF Training Plan May-July 2018

Hello everyone!

We’re entering into a new block of training and the focus for this one will be to both prep us for Cosmeston, and to help you attack your 5k times as that seems to be a goal now spring half marathons / marathons are out of the way.

I’m also pleased to announce that Ryan Cullen and Matt Henson have come on board to help organise and run the Weds sessions – it’ll help spread the load and enable us to run multiple groups to account for different levels of ability on the night.

Here’s the programme in full – we’re trying to cover all levels of ability, so if you’ve not tried the speed sessions before then this block is a pretty good one to dive in to give it a go.

  • 23rd May – 1 mile test run
  • 30th May – 400m (x10 reps, x 6 reps, x3 reps)
  • 6th June – 1km (x5 reps, x3 reps, x1 rep)
  • 13th June – Circuit (individual, progressive)
  • 20th June – Partner fartlek session
  • 27th June – 1000m / 800m / 600m / 400m / 200m (x2 reps, scaled)
  • 4th July – Circuits (partner work, scaled)
  • 11th July – COSMESTON
  • 18th July – 1 mile re-test run
  • 25th July – Agility, balance, coordination session

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