CDF Training Plan Jan-Mar 2018

Coach Rich Skyrme

Since Nike closed down, the weekly sessions have been planned on a week-to-week basis. Going into the new year, I wanted to try and plan these out in 8-9 week blocks as it gives the athlete the opportunity to test their progress at both the start and the end of the cycle. It’ll also mean that if you’re working on a marathon or half-marathon plan you’ll be able to use the Wednesday sessions in the best way for you.

Working on Lloyd George Avenue I use an internet mapping tool to measure distance so please take the distances listed below with a pinch of salt but they’ll be pretty close!

So here’s the plan the first block of 2018 – all of these sessions will involve warm up, some technical drills and a cool down.

  • 10th January – 1km time trial (main focus), followed by team sprints
  • 17th January – Fartlek; 20 minutes of total running
  • 24th January – Pyramids (either 3-2-1-2-3 intervals, or 1-2-3-2-1 intervals)
  • 31st January – circuits and short-distance runs
  • 7th February – recovery week; technique and ABC work
  • 14th February  – 400m repeats (x10 sets or x6 sets)
  • 21st February – split 400m repeats (x5 sets or x3 sets)
  • 28th February – **TOO COLD TO RUN**
  • 7th March – circuits and short-distance runs
  • 14th March – 1km time trial (main focus re-test), followed by team sprints

If you can’t make a Wednesday session with us, try to incorporate that weeks’ session into your routine.

Mondays will continue as usual with options of 3k, 5k or 7k.