CDF Training Plan January to March 2020

Hey folks! 

As promised, here’s the details of the Wednesday sessions for the first quarter of the year, leading us up to  1 April and our return to Bute Park. As usual, we’ll be running a mix of tried-and-trusted sessions with a couple of new things we’d like to try out. 

Our sessions are in this block will be split again between Lloyd George Avenue and Museum Avenue and we’ll let you know where we’ll be in advance. 

For those of you who are new to us, our goal for Wednesdays is to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones; shorter runs, intervals, fartlek, circuits and more. Doing this sort of training together helps us all keep up our motivation in an encouraging, supportive environment (with occasional swearing at whoever’s leading the session). 

This is what’s planned for January: 

Date Location Session
8 January Lloyd George Avenue Pyramid interval (based off junctions)
15 January Museum Avenue Fartlek (x2 blocks of 10 minutes)
22 January Lloyd George Avenue Paced long reps
29 January Museum Avenue 200m reps

And here’s the rest of the sessions – we’re currently just confirming our run leaders’ availability before producing a full schedule. 

  • Plyometric-themed exercises and sprints
  • Circuit training x2
  • 2-junction repeats
  • Split junction repeats
  • Continuous relays
  • 1 mile / 1km / 800m / 400m / 200m

We’ll also structure the two sessions before Newport Half Marathon and Cardiff Bay 10km (probably our most subscribed races during this period) so there’s a taper option and full-on option for those not running those races.