CDF Training Plan Mar-May 2018

Coach Rich Skyrme

With spring comes daylight in the evening, and a change of location for our training sessions. After the clocks move forward an hour, we move back into Bute Park where we’ve got a traffic-free green space much more appealing than the long dark of Lloyd George Avenue. If you currently meet us on LGA, please note the change of location at the dates below!

A goal when creating a training schedule for a group like CDF Runners is not to repeat sessions from the previous block, so these will differ from any of the sessions that have been run already this year. This block also presents us an interesting opportunity to incorporate the Commonwealth Games into our training schedule for the same week we’re being inspired by the athletes on the Gold Coast.

A shorter distance for our benchmark run this time around but the same principle; run the first benchmark as hard as possible, train for 8 weeks and re-test. Hopefully, you’ll see an improvement in performance!

Lloyd George Avenue

  • 21st March – 400m Time Trial (+ caterpillar run)
  • 28th March – 200m reps

Bute Park

  • 4th April – Time pyramid: 120s | 90s | 60s | 30s and back up
  • 11th April – Commonwealth Games tie-in: Race the Champs!
  • 18th April – Bodyweight circuits
  • 25th April – 1km | 400m | 400m (2 or 3 reps)
  • 2nd May – 1 mile | 1km | 800m | 400m
  • 9th May – Agility, Balance, Coordination (ABC)
  • 16th May – 400m Time Trial (+ caterpillar run)

If you can’t make a Wednesday session with us, try to incorporate that weeks’ session into your routine.

Mondays will continue as usual with options of 3k, 5k or 7k.