Maryam’s Couch to 5k Story

2016-03-09 19.41.02I started running with CDF Runners on February 1st 2016. I knew the group from a friend of mine who is a fast runner. I used to play basketball in the past and since I came Cardiff in 2013, I have started my Masters studies and I have not done any kind of exercise. I gained weight, felt depressed and I think that was a sign of homesickness as lots of students experience when they study abroad.

Anyway, after 3 years of not doing sports, I decided to join the CDF group Couch to 5k. My goal in the beginning was just to lose weight and be healthy, but with time I have seen many of the runners at the group the same age or older. I felt more motivated and I said to myself I can be a runner too! The atmosphere was very motivating, the coaches very supportive as they took my hand from 90 sec run to more than 40 min run without stopping.

2016-04-16 09.48.25Within the group there were runners from all abilities, all ages and I saw them running three times a week and they improved. I really felt motivated to come to every session. When I look back 2 months ago, I couldn’t run more than 90 seconds and now I managed to finish 5k in 38:36.

I’m so proud of myself! Now I’m looking forward to doing the half marathon in October. It’s a massive goal but, why not?

I can do it.

Finally, I’m very thankful for everyone in CDF Runners who inspired me to be a runner by listening to their stories and by supporting me all the way through.

Couch to 5k is a guided and supported 9 week programme run by CDF Runners and Pegasus Running Club.

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