CDF Training Plan July-September 2019

Hey everyone!

Nina, Matt and Rich have been beavering away working on a plan for the Wednesday training sessions that’ll take us up to the Cardiff half-marathon.

Again, we’ve tried to mix things up, making sure that we’re not repeating too many of the sessions we’ve done over the last session block and we’ve included three circuit sessions to take advantage of being in the park because after this block, we’ll be back on Lloyd George Avenue.

Here’s an overview – we’ll have the full details of each session on our Facebook page the Tuesday beforehand:

17 July 2019 Circuits (pairs work)
24 July 2019 400m reps
31 July 2019 Pyramid session (time)
7 August 2019 1km reps (pairs)
14 August 2019 Circuits (7 exercises, 30/15 split)
21 August 2019 Fartlek (Baker-inspired version)
28 August 2019 800m reps
4 September 2019 Fartlek (big/small loop, partner work)
11 September 2019 Circuits (HIIT)
18 September 2019 300m reps
25 September 2019 1k / 800m / 600m / 400m / 200m
2 October 2019 Taper session / kicker run